Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jessica Simpson

This one's for you Deano!!

The USS Ronald Reagan

Here is a Great example of our Military at work. What would happen if you were on Vacation on a Cruise off the Baja Coast, and your Appendix Burst. The Cruise ship has no facilities to perform an emergency Appendectomy and your 250 miles from the nearest land (which happens to be Mexico) You would normally be screwed. Well that's what happened to a 14 year old girl from Illinois.
Lucky for her The USS Ronald Reagan was only 500 miles away. The Captain of the Cruise Ship she was on sent out a distress call that was answered by the US Aircraft Carrier, performing Training exercises off the Coast of San Diego. Within a few Hours (and a short Helo ride) she was safely on board the Reagan getting the surgery she needed to save her live.
I work Closely with the US Navy and I sometimes take for granted the extent of the capabilities of our Military. I've heard people talk about 'overspending', 'Cut backs', 'Downsizing', etc. when it comes to the Military. I don't think that the people who say those things really know what it takes to Build, Train, and Maintain the Greatest Military this world has ever known.
Anyways, I just think that this is an awesome story that I thought I would share with you guys. And Because of the hard work and quick thinking of the Captain and crew of the Cruise Ship and the USS Ronald Reagan, This Girl and her family will have a truly Happy and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 15 of the NFL

Things I learned about some NFL Teams and players this week:

  1. Tom Brady is still a Douche

  2. Brian Billick is an Offensive Genius

  3. Brett Farve is on Steriods

  4. Tom Brady is still a Douche

  5. LT can run the ball if you give it to him

  6. I can play QB for the Bears

  7. Roy Williams knows how to Tackle

  8. Tom Brady is still a Douche

  9. The Lions wont see 10 wins any time soon

  10. Eli Manning takes it up the A**

  11. The Patriots are going to Burn in Hell

  12. Brian Westbrook is the most hated man among Fantasy Football Owners

  13. Tom Brady is still a Douche

  14. Darren Sproles is a Pro Bowler

  15. Tampa Bay can play Special Teams

  16. The Bears are who Denny Green thought they were

  17. Tony Romo has great Tits
  18. TO is on the verge of becoming TO

  19. Tom Brady is still a Douche

  20. The Dolphins won the SuperBowl

I can't wait for week 16.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christina Ricci

Just a quick note on how Christina Ricci has probably got the Greatest Breasts in the World!! Thats all for now.

First Post

As I sit here and contemplate how I want to get things going, I decided that I would do something you wont find on here often. I would write about somebody that I actually care for.

70 years ago Today my Pops was born. He is the youngest of Three children. He was born here in San Diego and grew up in Lincoln Acres. He attended Sweetwater High and spent some time in the Air Force and the Navy Reserves. He was married Three times and has Three Kids (me being the middle). He has worked in the Ship Building/Repair buisness for most of his Career, starting as a welder and working his way up to Management. Over the years, his work has brought him to Vietnam, Iran (where he met my Mom, his third and final Wife), and American Samoa. He has been retired for a couple of years now and enjoys playing the Stocks and irritating my Mom and Daughter.

My Father is the one of main reasons I am who I am Today. I'm sure that everybody can say that, but I don't think everybody does. Here are some of the finer points of his personality, for better or worse, that have helped mold me into who I am.

If you are a Friend of my Father, You are a Friend for Life. Almost to a Fault. If you are in any kind of jam, he will do anything and everything in his power to help you out. He is brutaly honest and speaks his mind. You wont get any lip service from him. He says what he means and means what he says. He has a Wonderfully Sarcastic sense of Humor and enjoys making use of it.

He also Stresses too much on things. Which can drive him to get angry rather quickly. He can also hold a grudge for a long time, if you piss him off it could take a long time, if ever, to get back on his good side. He has an addictive side to him, and tends to do things to excess. Too much of a good thing isn't always good.

But the Big Picture of all this is my Father is a good man, and has lived a good life. Like any Human, he isn't perfect, but then who is. I just wanted to say that as he turns 70, I hope he knows that I appreciate everything he has done for me and that I Love, Respect, and Admire him.

Happy Birthday Dad!