Friday, February 29, 2008

Kosovo declared independance, Why should I care?

The Region of Kosovo has declared Independence from Serbia on the 17Th of February 2008, and it has been recognized by the US, UK, and France. Russia and China don't and view it as illegal. Why should we care about this one way or the other.

Well lets say that Illegal Mexican immigrants make up about 90% of the California population, then decide they want to have California be an independent country under their rule. That's basically what has happened in Kosovo, with "Ethnic Albanians" being the 90% majority.

The Serbian Prime minister has stated that " As long as the Serb people exist, Kosovo will be Serbia". Russian President Vladimir Putin describes the recognition of Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence by several major world powers as "a terrible precedent," ... that "breaks up the entire system of international relations," ...which have taken "centuries to evolve"."And undoubtedly, it may entail a whole chain of unpredictable consequences to other regions in the world" and that will come back to hit the West "in the face".

This situation worries me, as I can see this situation escalating to possibly another World War. One reason for this is because the "Ethnic Albanians" are Muslim and follow the Islamic rule and Ideals, that as we all know are in complete contrast to Western Civilization. Russia wont allow Kosovo to become "Independent" because that will embolden The Islamic Chechen separatists in their own region, and other Islamic populations throughout the World. So it wouldn't surprise me to see Russian Tanks rolling into the Kosovo Region if something isn't settled there soon.


Dean said...

Mr. Styles,
What caused this migration of Albanians into Kosovo? Economics? I would not have expected Kosovo to contain as many car washes and taquerias as your post suggests.

I hope your concerns are overstated as I'd hate to think that this hick little European backwater region would be responsible now for all the odd-numbered World Wars. It just doesn't seem right that they would have this much influene.

Dickstyles said...

During the 500 or so years of Ottoman rule in the region, a lot of people converted to Islam to make life easier for themselves. Not only in Kosovo, but in Albania and various other countries.

When Serbia got Control of Kosovo again around 1912, the area wasn't very densely populated, with most of the region being open countryside.

During WWII, Germany occupied Serbia, and gave control of Kosovo to Italian occupied Albania. That is what basically opened the floodgates for the Muslim Albanians to migrate to Kosovo where they could thrive outside of the watchful eye of their Fascist government. The Muslim Albanians got a foothold during this time.

After WWII when Serbia again regained control, and Tito took power, he united the region (Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc) and Yugoslavia was created. Tito allowed the Muslims the Freedom to practice the Islamic faith.

As time passed, the Muslims realized that they were quickly gaining control over the region by the simple fact that they were becoming the majority of the Population. It became kind of a snowball effect, as more and more Muslims immigrated there.

I guess that I answered your question. Economics really don't play a factor. This is strictly based on a difference of Ideals and Religion.

Dean said...

Mr. Styles,
That did, indeed. Thanks.

Now, when do we start the bombing campaign?

B-Daddy said...

Mr. Styles,
Christopher Hitchens, a writer whom I usually find persuasive, differs with you significantly on this subject.
The essential point is that the Serbian annexation of Kosovo in 1912 was never internationally recognized. The only legal recognition came with Kosovo's incorporation into Yugoslavia. The de-facto break up of Yugoslavia no more gives Serbia a right to Kosovo than the break up of Canada would give the U.S. a right to say British Columbia, despite our prior claims there.