Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I need a new Drug....

....and thanks to the San Diego Union Tribune, I found it. It is called Salvia divinorum or on the Streets as Sally-D, Magic Mint, or Diviner's Sage. It produces an intense but short-lived 'Trip' or Hallucinogenic Odyssey. According to the UT, I can get it Legally at any one of my local Head Shops, or online. I can either Smoke it, or chew it. I wonder if it comes in a Variety of Flavors? Well this is just what the Doctor Ordered. I've been searching for new ways to expand my mind, and with the prices of Gasoline these days, huffing that just isn't cost effective.


Dean said...

Mr. Styles, Thanks for the head's up. I'm going to make like Spicoli to better deal with these Mr. Hand-like Presidential nominees.

Knock before entering, Dude!

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